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Karlyn, a server in New Orleans, is an 18-year veteran of the restaurant industry who has spent most her career living off tips because of extremely low hourly wages (thanks tothe National Restaurant Association). Because she can’t afford an apartment of her own, she currently shares a room with her young son at her mother’s house.

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Karlyn first became a member of our local chapter in New Orleans (ROC-NOLA) while working as a server at Red Lobster earning just $2.13 per hour. She knew that she shouldn’t have to survive purely on the generosity of customers’ tips, and that something needed to be done to improve her own situation as well as that of her co-workers.

According to surveys of thousands of restaurant workers ROC has conducted across the country, experiences like Karlyn’s are common and widespread.

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Advancing a restaurant-worker movement through changing the restaurant industry’s wage stealing practices and promoting restaurants who are taking the high road to profitability.


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