Our Staff & Board

ROC United Staff

Saru Jayaraman (Co-Founder & Co-Director) Email: saru@rocunited.org

Fekkak Mamdouh (Co-Founder & Co-Director) Email: mamdouh@rocunited.org

Sekou Siby (Deputy Director) Email: siby@rocunited.org

Teófilo Reyes (National Research Director) Email: teo@rocunited.org

Ariel Jacobson (National Development & Communications Director) Email: ariel@rocunited.org

Lauren Jacobs (National Organizing Director) Email: lauren@rocunited.org

Kennard Ray (National Policy Director) Email: kennard@rocunited.org

Dania Rajendra (National High Road Program Director) Email: dania@rocunited.org

Jordan Budd (National Deputy Policy Director) Email: jordan.b@rocunited.org

Dallas Donnel (National Deputy Communications Director) Email: dallas@rocunited.org

Mike Rodriguez (National Research Coordinator) Email:mike@rocunited.org

Felipe Tendick Matesanz  (National High Road Coordinator) Email: felipe@rocunited.org

Elspeth Gilmore (Consumer Membership Organizer) Email: elspeth@rocunited.org

Saqib Keval (National Project Manager COLORS Restaurants) Email: saqib@rocunited.org

Sheila Madalli (National Legal Coordinator) Email: sheila@rocunited.org

Sonte Ricks (National Workplace Justice Coordinator) Email: sonte@rocunited.org

Larry Swetman (National Online Organizing Coordinator) Email: larry@rocunited.org

ROC United Board of Directors

Abel Valenzuela, Chair, Professor, University of California at Los Angeles
Morgan Simon, Chair, Managing Director of Pi Investments
Steven Pitts, Labor Policy Specialist, UC Berkeley Labor Center
Veronica Avila, ROC Staff Representative
Paul Schwalb, Deputy Director of Food Services, UNITE HERE
Dayna Cunningham, Director, MIT Innovations Lab
Woong Chang, ROC Member Representative
Jennifer Herman, MKJ Communications
Victor Narro, Project Director, UCLA Labor Center
Imar Hutchins, Owner, Florida Avenue Grill
Paul Booth, Executive Assistant to the President, AFSCME

Please direct all press or interview requests to Dallas Donnel at dallas [at] rocunited [dot] org or 215-870-7076.