In order to become a member, workers must come to our office and get an orientation from one of our staff members or worker leaders. There are many ways our members can get involved as well as several levels of membership.

Becoming a member of ROC-DC has its privileges, including:

* Eligibility to take any of our free workforce development courses

* Eligibility to enroll in our Leadership Institute

* Training of your legal rights in the DC/MD/VA area and how to organize to improve your workplace conditions

* Support from lawyers, other restaurant workers, and community members when you’re having problems on the job

* Resume and professional development.

* Free Ergonomics, Health and Safety Trainings


Our members can also join one of our worker-led committees  – Women’s Committee, GRUB Committee, Jobs Committee, or Research and Policy Committee


To learn more, contact us to attend one of our new member orientations, every Monday and Wednesday.




Taking the High Road to Profitability is an ethical, pragmatic and, we believe, profitable approach to doing business that benefits employers, employees, consumers and the community. ROC-DC works with employers to promote sustainable best practices through the Restaurant Industry Roundtables.

The Restaurant Industry Roundtables provide restaurant owners with a path to the High Road to Profitability.  Through a collaboration of restaurant owners, workers, government agencies, city officials and ROC-DC staff, the Roundtable offers owners access to critical information, an invaluable support network, and problem-solving opportunities.

Our Roundtable members have access to reports and guides like the Taking The High Road: A How-To Guide for Successful Restaurant Employers, which includes specific strategies for improving working conditions while increasing profitability in their restaurants.

Other Free services for Roundtable members include:

* Guidance on how to gain and/or stay in compliance with employment, immigration, health and safety laws;

* Access to low-cost health insurance for employees;

Insight into business solutions and basic management and accounting principles;

* Access to advanced training for both front- and back-of-the-house employees;

* Technical guidance in developing employee manuals, including templates and translated material, and

Recognition for those restaurants who demonstrate a high level of respect for their workers, signifying to their customers that they provide an Exceptional Workplace.

* An opportunity to be featured on ROC’s National Diners’ Guide.



The restaurant industry is the largest and fast-growing private-sector employer in the country even during the recession. Unfortunately, it is also the industry that is not yet organized and that has very little oversight from government agencies both at the local, state and federal level. This  has allowed for unfair labor practices to become the standard in the restaurant industry.  But by helping restaurant workers financially support themselves and their families, remain healthy and productive, and advance to higher-waged jobs, all of us benefit.

As consumers, we all have a unique opportunity to help change the conditions in the restaurant industry by becoming conscientious consumers and allies to restaurant workers.

This is how you can help and get involved!


Check out our 2012 ROC National Diners’ Guide and Sign a pledge to use the Diners’ Guide. On December 1, 2011, ROC released the 1st Annual ROC National Diners’ Guide. The Guide reveals the wages practices, benefits provided, and internal promotion practices of many of America’s most popular restaurants. As conscientious consumers, you can sign the pledge to use the guide when you eat out – support the restaurants that take the ‘high road’ to profitability, and let owners and managers in other restaurants where you eat know that you care about how they rank in the Guide.


Write to your legislator. Click here to send a message to your federal  representatives that $2.13 is not an acceptable wage for tipped restaurant workers, and that all restaurant workers need paid sick leave!


* Become a ROC Consumer Member. Join a growing number of ROC consumer members. Consumer members pay dues of $10 per month, and receive several benefits, including:

** Regular updates and alerts on ROC campaigns and activities.

** Discounts at partnering “high road” restaurants.

** A special toolkit to evaluate and name ‘high road’ restaurants in your community (coming soon!)


* Join our online consumer community. Follow ROC-DC on Facebook and Twitter and stay up to date on the different events and actions we organize to improve the lives and working conditions of restaurant workers.