The corporate restaurant industry has kept the federal tipped minimum wage at $2.13 since 1991 and they’re fighting to keep it as low as possible everywhere else.

Servers are fed up with living off tips. They are standing up for 1 FAIR WAGE.

These are our stories. Please join us.

Campaign Updates

EVENT: New York - Celebrate One Fair Wage With ROC on 2/13!

This Friday, celebrate the momentum of our national policy campaign, One Fair Wage, over a delicious breakfast with ROC staff, Saru Jayaraman, co-founder and co-director of ROC United, Catherine Barnett, ROC-NY’s new Executive Director, and special guest, Eve Ensler, renowned feminist, Tony award winning playwright, and founder of One Billion Rising and V-Day! Every year, […]

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ACTION ALERT: Tell New York State You Support A Raise For Tipped Workers!

We need your help. It’s now up to New York state’s Acting Commissioner of Labor to issue a Wage Order to lift up the fate of New York’s 229,000 tipped workers workers who are forced to live off tips instead of a reliable base wage from their employers. Send a message today — your voice matters!  After […]

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10/14: #NOTONTHEMENU National Day of Action

Find and join a rally near you! Currently, there are 43 states that let the restaurant industry force women to live off tips. That’s why on Tuesday, October 14th, we’re rallying for fair wages in the restaurant industry in several major cities across the country.  It’s time for the restaurant industry to pay everyone ONE […]

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10/14: NOT ON THE MENU - NYC Rally Against Sexual Harassment!

Women’s rights leaders, community activists, and restaurant workers are headed to City Hall Plaza this Tuesday at 11am to rally against sexual harassment in the restaurant industry! RSVP to the Facebook event here.  The restaurant industry is the single largest source of sexual harassment charges filed by women with the EEOC, with a rate FIVE […]

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Saru Jayaraman's MSNBC op-ed: The rise of the low-wage restaurant industrial complex

Last week, hundreds of fast food workers across the country went on strike, demanding better wages and working conditions. It’s not hard to see why: nearly half of all restaurant workers—including fast food workers—live in or near poverty. As Terrence Wise, a fast food worker who joined the strike in Kansas City, put it, “our […]

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    1. ROC United
      ROC United: Utah Dem pushes raising tipped wage to regular minimum wage as women's equality issue: #1FairWage #livingofftips

    2. ROC United
      ROC United: The @nytimes ed board definitely supports #1FairWage. Read the whole thing: #livingofftips

    3. ROC United
      ROC United: @adamconover great job pointing out absurdities of #livingofftips! Our big policy campaign right now is #1FairWage:

    4. ROC United
      ROC United: Awesome take-down of the two-tiered wage system by @adamconover: #1FairWage #livingofftips

    5. ROC United
      ROC United: Servers use food stamps at 2x the rate of other workers. NY voters want #1fairwage! #livingofftips #raisethewage

    6. ROC United
      ROC United: Long-time #RhodeIsland restaurant server writes Providence Journal op-ed in support of #1FairWage: #livingofftips

    7. ROC United
      ROC United: Long-time #RhodeIsland restaurant server writes Providence Journal op-ed in support of #1FairWage: #livingofftips

    8. ROC United
      ROC United: .@NYDailyNews calls for 'a clean, clear minimum wage for all' #1FairWage #raisethewage #livingofftips

    9. ROC United
      ROC United: A TIP IS NOT A WAGE. Eliminate the sub-minimum wage for tipped workers in NY. SIGN --> #1FairWage #livingofftips

    10. ROC United
      ROC United: RT @CelinaMontgome1: This is NOT a gratuity for services rendered. #livingofftips #shameonyou

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