Cooperative Restaurant Ownership/COLORS Restaurants


Worker-owned cooperative restaurants, the first COLORS was founded by workers from more than 20 different countries. It offers consumers a worldly ambiance and a global cuisine made of quality, local and seasonal ingredients sourced, whenever possible, from producers who practice sustainable agriculture and fair trade. Space is also available for local community events and private parties.

COLORS provides free restaurant-skills training to hundreds of workers, helping them move up the industry’s career ladder. Low-wage workers have the opportunity to intern at COLORS, cooking, serving meals and tending bar. Throughout the country, restaurant-owner friends help ROC’s staff instruct the interns and guide their training. This experience affords many the opportunity to obtain placement in living wage jobs in the industry.

  Chef Phil Jones, head chef at COLORS, as featured in Dark Rye 

Check out our current COLORS locations in New York and Detroit. More locations to be announced soon!