Leadership Development


(1)     Sign up as an online member.

Online members:

–    receive regular information and updates about ROC campaigns;
–    access our legal referral network for problems on the job;
–    get involved with educating members of Congress on issues like the need for a raise to the tipped minimum wage!

(2) Join your local ROC! To become a member, you must be a current or former restaurant worker, or someone interested in imminently joining the restaurant industry. You must attend an orientation at one of our local offices (New York, Chicago, Detroit, New Orleans, Miami, D.C., Philadelphia, Boston, Los Angeles, and the Bay Area).

To get started, find details for your local office here. Member orientation details should be listed on each local’s page. If you can’t attend a new member orientation, call to set up an appointment with one of the staff or leaders.

(3) Know what it’s like to live off tips? Our LIVING OFF TIPS Campaign is collecting stories from the real restaurant workers of America – share yours here.

Members in ROC affiliates participate in and lead ROC’s work in multiple ways:

(1)    They participate and lead in local worker committees, such as Policy Committees, Women’s Committees, Health and Safety Committees, and much more.

(2)    They can participate in ROC’s two-tiered Leadership Institute, to develop their leadership skills, and actually engage in ROC projects that help them practice those skills.

(3)    They can be elected to serve on a local Leadership Board. Every ROC affiliate has a local Leadership Board comprised of restaurant workers who guide the local affiliate’s work.

(4)    They can be elected to represent a local affiliate to ROC’s National Organizing Committee (ROC-NOC), and also to represent the ROC-NOC to ROC’s National Board of Directors. Two restaurant workers serve on ROC’s National Board of Directors; a majority of other Board members are former restaurant workers.

Privileges & Responsibilities of Membership:


Members in ROC affiliate cities have:
-    Access to free job training and placement services in living-wage jobs in the industry.
–    Access to free organizing and legal support to confront injustice in a restaurant workplace.
–    Access to free leadership training and practical experience in developin leadership skills.

Online members receive:
-    Access to free organizing and legal support to confront injustice in a restaurant workplace.
–    Regular information on the industry and ROC’s work, and opportunities to engage in ROC’s policy work.


-    ROC members pay dues of $5 per month or $50 per year.
–    ROC members in affiliate cities must attend political education sessions and monthly membership meetings to remain members in good standing.