Affordable Health Care for All

ROC-United believes that access to a medical doctor should be a right for all restaurant, bar, and club workers—regardless of income or immigration status.  We also know that restaurant workers are busy and may not have time to find a doctor, or figure out available services.  That’s why we’re offering ROC M.D. to help uninsured restaurant workers access and build relationships with doctors to help improve their quality of life through regular consultations and preventative visits. Note that ROC M.D. is not any kind of insurance, and does not cover comprehensive care.  It simply provides access to primary care, and peace of mind.

What is ROC M.D.? A Health Care Cooperative where members contribute funds to a common pool of money that is used to pay for medical visits.

Who qualifies? Restaurant workers without health insurance, who are members of ROC.

What about Restaurants? Restaurants can pay a small monthly fee to cover all of their uninsured restaurant workers.

Services offered:

- Annual physical exams
– A doctor to answer your questions
– Early intervention
– Low-cost lab & blood work
– Low-cost diagnostic exams
– Low-cost prescriptions
– Referrals to advanced medical care for the lowest possible cost
– Dental care where available
– Vision care where available