NIGHTCARE: The Growing Challenge For Parents On The Late Shift

NIGHTCARE: The Growing Challenge for Parents on the Late Shift

This publication is the most comprehensive examination to date of the childcare needs of America’s restaurant workers. Drawing from outreach and case management with over 2000 restaurant workers in New York over the past two years, as well as a previous ROC United report, NIGHTCARE offers a vivid picture of the unique hardships faced by restaurant workers, specifically tipped workers striving to support a family on the separate, lower subminimum wage.
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Tipped Over: Employer Liability In A Two-Tiered Wage State

Tipped Over: Employer Liability in a Two-Tiered Wage State

“Tipped Over: Employer Liability in a Two-Tiered Wage State,” examines how rules necessary to regulate the subminimum wage system, including the so-called ‘80-20 Rule,’ create tremendous liabilities for both employers and employees in New York State. The report underscores that…

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