For Consumers

For the Consumer

As the largest private-sector employer in the country, the restaurant industry plays a vital role in providing employment. By helping restaurant workers financially support themselves and their families, remain healthy and productive, and advance to higher-waged jobs, all of us benefit.

Today’s consumers are increasingly motivated to make decisions that benefit themselves and the planet. By dining at restaurants that take the High Road, consumers can support establishments that respect their employees and embrace best practices. These establishments have chosen to go above and beyond compliance with local, state and Federal laws by providing fair wages, a nondiscriminatory, healthy and safe work environment, and opportunities for employee advancement.

Join us in our campaign to get consumers across America to think about the people who prepare, cook and serve their food every time they eat out, and then take action to support them!

1. Join The Welcome Table – a national association of people who care about the food they eat and the people who have touched it, and want to be part of making a better food system for all.

2. Check out our 2013 ROC National Diners’ Guide and sign a pledge to use the Diners’ Guide. The Guide reveals the wages practices, benefits provided, and internal promotion practices of many of America’s most popular restaurants. As conscientious consumers, you can sign the pledge to use the guide when you eat out – support the restaurants that take the ‘high road’ to profitability, and let owners and managers in other restaurants where you eat know that you care about how they rank in the Guide.

3. Tell your elected officials you support raising the tipped minimum wage. Sign our current petition to support increasing the tipped and full minimum wage here. Send a direct letter to your area’s representatives stating that $2.13 is not an acceptable wage for tipped restaurant workers, and that all restaurant workers need paid sick leave by clicking here.

4. Stay engaged with ROC-United online! Sign up for email updates from ROC-United here. Follow ROC-United and Co-Founder Saru Jayaraman’s blogtwitter, and facebook.