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What is the High Road to Profitability?: Taking the High Road to Profitability is an ethical, pragmatic and, we believe, profitable approach to doing business that benefits employers, employees, consumers and the community. ROC works with employers to promote sustainable best practices that positively impact industry employees’ wages and working conditions to the benefit of all through the Restaurant Industry Roundtables.

RAISE provides restaurant owners with a path to the High Road to Profitability.  By taking this path, members can promote sustainable business practices for employees and consumers while boosting their bottom line. ROC now works with more than 100 ‘high road’ employer partners around the country.

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Through a collaboration of restaurant owners, workers, government agencies, city officials and ROC staff, the RAISE offers owners access to critical information, an invaluable support network, and problem-solving opportunities. Regardless of what stage their business is in, members share a multitude of concerns and issues: How do I stay in compliance, keep great employees, provide health care insurance, find qualified workers, improve health and safety conditions? RAISE is the place to learn and share best practices.

Read our report - Taking The High Road: A How-To Guide for Successful Restaurant Employers - to learn specific strategies for improving working conditions while increasing profitability at your restaurant! Highlighting a number of ROC Restaurant Industry Roundtable members such as Zingerman’s, CRAFT restaurant group, and Good Girl Dinette, the employers featured in this report tell you how the high road benefits the bottom line.

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Free services for RAISE members include:

- Guidance on how to gain and/or stay in compliance with employment, immigration, health and safety laws;
- Access to low-cost health insurance for employees;
- Insight into business solutions and basic management and accounting principles;
- Access to advanced training for both front and back-of-the-house employees;
- Technical guidance in developing employee manuals, including templates and translated material, and
- Recognition for those restaurants who demonstrate a high level of respect for their workers, signifying to their customers that they provide an Exceptional Workplace.