Hi my name is Shailesh, I’m originally from Nepal and I currently live in New York. I have been working in the restaurant industry for 13 years. I want the restaurant industry to be a great place to work and to be a dignified worker in this industry. I have witnessed discriminatory and retaliatory activities and behavior. One of the worst circumstances I have seen is when I have tried to get a promotion. As immigrants we are considered outsiders to it is hard to get a promotion. I also remember when was working in a restaurant and the manager would pick on the people of color who working in the restaurant, and he told me i had to shave my mustache and stay clean, as if I didn’t know how important cleanliness is while handling food. Its not right.

I joined ROC to work towards economic justice for all restauarant workers. There is a pervasive attitude of “it is what it is” in this industry, but we must fight against that. We must be unified and use our voices to work with legislators to make sure new legislation protects us. We must work together so we can achieve economic justice.