COLORS-Detroit:  Join the Just.  Good.  Food. Revolution!

By Phil Jones & Minsu Longiaru, ROC-Michigan

As a “food desert,” Detroit is a place where fresh healthy food is hard to find among all the convenience stores with chips, pop and processed food or fast food outlets offering burgers and fries. Hunger is a daily fact in our city.  The consequences of lack of access to fresh and healthy food are real.  Detroiters die earlier, and live lives more stricken by illness because of it.  Workers in our city’s and region’s food system fare no better.  For many, an honest day’s pay for an honest day’s work is a distant dream.  More than half of all restaurant workers in our region report stolen wages and harassment on the job, with immigrants and workers of color experiencing these violations most frequently.

Change is in the air though.  Detroiters are taking action about the need for healthy food inside the city. This September, COLORS-Detroit is celebrating its opening gala as a locally sourced restaurant that building good food, good jobs, and worker ownership in Detroit.  COLORS-Detroit will train hundreds of Detroiters for living wage jobs, source from Detroit’s vibrant homegrown urban farms, and incubate cooperatively owned food enterprises that will nourish our local economy from the grassroots. Look for COLORS – Detroit to serve local, organic, healthy food produced by people you know and served by people you love and who love this community.  At COLORS, we sum up our approach to dining as JUST.  GOOD.  FOOD.

By “Just.  Good.  Food.”  we mean:   Just and fair treatment for the 134,000 metro Detroiters who work day in and day out cleaning, peeling, cooking, and serving in our region’s restaurants.  Good means food that pays homage to the ethical and sustainable goals of Southeast Michigan’s growing grassroots local foods movement.  And of course, at the end of the day it all comes down to food and the bottom line is that it’s the best food you’ve ever tasted!  We hope that you’ll join us at our gala on September 12th or in the future!  Come to COLORS-Detroit for Just.  Good.  Food. and be part of a food revolution!