On April 17th, EQUAL PAY DAY, we are bringing 50 women restaurant workers to Washington, D.C. to meet with their representatives, TAKE ACTION TO RAISE $2.13, & fight the gender wage gap. HELP SUPPORT WORKING WOMEN IN THIS HISTORIC EFFORT TO RAISE $2.13 AFTER 21 YEARS!

The typical full-time, year round, female server is paid only 68 % of what her male colleagues earn. This is a matter of $17,000 vs $25,000 annually.  This is a matter of surviving to barely surviving at all.

While the gender pay gap is not entirely new to the American workforce, it becomes even wider for women who are usually concentrated in the lowest paid occupations (host, counter attendant, food prep, and server) within the industry.  It’s been 21 years since the tipped minimum wage was raised, and it is still stalled at $2.13 for the 10 million workers (half of which are women) in the restaurant industry.

In just one week, on Tuesday, April 17th 50 workers across the country will be traveling to Washington, DC to directly speak to their representatives about raising $2.13.

Will you help the millions of female restaurant workers fight to increase the tipped minimum wage?  Help restaurant workers come to our nation’s capital and tell their representatives that they deserve a livable wage.  We will demand that Congress close the gender gap and pay female restaurant workers a living wage by raising $2.13.

Help us in our goal is to raise $5,000 to support 50 restaurant workers to come from all parts of the country to tell their stories of struggle and triumph.  With your gift, you can help close the gender gap! Donate Today!