Saru Jayaraman recently sat down to chat with Sarah Henry of Bay Area Bites. Sarah is a prominent food journalist; in addition to writing for a variety of food-focused publications, Sarah runs the blog Lettuce Eat Kale. Saru’s new book, Behind The Kitchen Door, argues that the momentum for increased food system transparency must be include food-service workers. Sarah Henry correctly notes that, “few diners can tell you much – if anything — about the largely invisible army of restaurant workers who make eating out possible. With 10 million members in their ranks these employees represent the largest sector of the U.S. workforce. And yet these servers, bussers, runners, cooks, and dishwashers, who are the lifeblood of many restaurants, scrape by on some of the lowest wages in America, putting food on diners’ tables at the same time they struggle to make enough money to feed themselves and their families.” That is why Saru Jayaraman wrote Behind The Kitchen Door. Throughout Saru’s interview with Sarah, they discuss the ways in which we can collectively strengthen the notion of “eating ethically” and bring sustainable labor practices to our country’s restaurant workforce.

Read the entire interview here.