This is all hands on deck! NY Senate Republicans and Independent Democrats are excluding tipped workers from the NY minimum wage increase. Please ask your friends, family, and allies to join this twitter TODAY. The NY bill would raise tipped workers to 70% of minimum wage, same as our national bill (Fair Minimum Wage Act). We can not let tipped workers be negotiated out at the last minute.

Twitter rally targeting NY reps Klein, Savino, Smith, and Governor Cuomo.

Sample tweets below. We’ll need as many tweets as possible to get this message heard loud and clear; please join us in amplifying this message!

Sample Tweets:

Call @JeffKleinNY 518-455-3595 and demand a #minwage raise for all
 NY’ers with no loopholes #raiseny @roc_ny

Call @Dianesavino 718-727-9406 and demand a #minwage raise for all NY’ers with no loopholes #raiseny @roc_ny

Call @malcolmasmith 718-454-0162 
and demand a #minwage raise for all NY’ers with no loopholes #raiseny @roc_ny

.@jeffkleinNY Your biz tax giveaway will encourage workers to be fired at 20. Raise #minwage for all, no loopholes

@Dianesavino Y no love for tipped workers? 72% are women #raisethewage #raiseny @roc_ny

.@NYGovCuomo: What happened to #minwage as a “litmus test”? Or is @timesunion right that your agenda is all show?

.@NYGovCuomo: #Minwage “increase” that remains 4 decades out of date cannot pass progressive litmus test @timesunion

.@Jeffkleinny: Tipped workers deserve a raise too – don’t let restaurant industry write their own rules for #minwage. #raiseny @roc_ny

.@malcolmasmith Don’t listen to restaurant industry proposal to freeze
tipped #minwage. NY is better than that. #raiseny @roc_ny

@NYGovCuomo @malcolmasmith sub #minwage tipped workers are mostly
women 72%, & freezing this would increase poverty #raiseny @roc_ny