On Monday, April 22, the Restaurant Opportunities Center of New Orleans (ROC-NOLA) hosted a celebration for local workers for their victory against eatery Tony Moran’s.  Starting in 2009 ROC-NOLA engaged in a campaign with workers from Tony Moran’s to fight against persistent instances of wage theft, and racial discrimination against workers of color in regards to shift assignments.

“The conditions were horrible. There were lots safety issues in the restaurant. And not only did we have to fear for our own safety, we were discriminated against and had our wages stolen,” recalls plaintiff Van Joseph.

The culmination of this campaign was a lawsuit against Tony Moran’s that resulted in a settlement of over $260,000 (settlement amount is an estimate based on public records) in back and stolen wages for the 11 workers named in the suit.  The victorious plaintiffs were on hand to discuss their personal experiences at Tony Moran’s.

ROC New Orleans member and plaintiff Derek Robinson said, “Without ROC they would have got away with stealing our wages, ROC helped us get organized and being organized is how we won!”

The victorious workers celebrated their victory at local eatery Perestroika at Pravda.  ROC New Orleans Lead Coordinator V. Eloise McKenzie said, “ROC NOLA would like to say thank you and congratulations to the workers for all your hard work and dedication in achieving this victory. ROC NOLA stands here with you to continue to fight for the rights of all restaurant workers in New Orleans”