– More than a quarter of the almost 6 million women who work in U.S. restaurants are moms, and one in 10 are single mothers.

– Restaurant serving staff have three times the poverty rate and use food stamps at double the rate of the rest of the American workforce.

– 90% of restaurant workers report not having access to paid sick days;
two-thirds of the thousands of workers we’ve surveyed at ROC reported having cooked, prepared and served food while sick.

– The minimum wage for tipped workers has been frozen at $2.13/hour for the last 22 years meaning a restaurant worker entering the industry today is paid the same hourly wage as their parents would’ve been 22 years ago. Victoria Bruton, ROC member & mother of two, can tell you what that’s like here.

This Mother’s Day, wherever you take your mom, ask the manager at the end of the meal about the hourly wage of servers and bussers in the restaurant before tips, and whether they provide paid sick days. Get tips on how to have these important conversations here.

Take further action by supporting the Fair Minimum Wage Act and initiatives that would bring paid sick days to restaurant workers.

Buy the book Behind the Kitchen Door, and learn how Shardha Young struggled to manage childcare while working erratic schedules on low-wages; a story common among working mothers in the restaurant industry.

Know a mom in the restaurant industry? Tell her about ROC!