As you may have heard by now, McDonald’s partnered with Visa to provide a budgeting tool for its minimum wage earners. Of the several ridiculous assumptions ($20/month health care costs?), the budget includes a second full-time job and forgoes allotting monthly expenses to heat, gas, or groceries.

The majority of minimum wage earners are adults (74% according to the Bureau of Labor  Statistics), not teens breezing through for some extra summer cash. Of these minimum wage earners, nearly 50% are women. And here at ROC United, we know that of the 10 million restaurant workers in the US, 5 million are women, 2 million are mothers, and 1 million are single mothers. That means a whole ton of folks who work at McDonald’s have children, yet McDonald’s budget neglects to even mention child care costs. In fact, mothers we surveyed reported spending an average of 35% of their weekly income on child care costs.

Our Program Director, Teo Reyes, spoke with NBC about McDonald’s proposed budget, calling it disingenuous and insulting. If you think the minimum wage ($7.25 since 2009) and the tipped minimum wage ($2.13 since 1991) should increase, sign our petition to Congress. 

McDonald’s Sample Monthly Budget