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The craziest thing that ever happened from living off tips is that while I was paying child support, I ended up homeless, living in a car, and arrested for underpayment of that support because although I was working over 30 hours per week most weeks, I was making less than $100.00 per week in tips before taxes. The taxes for “Assumed minimum wage tip earnings” ate up all of my hourly earnings. Yes that’s right. It didn’t matter how much in tips you actually made. The restaurant declared your earnings to the IRS as at least standard (non-tip) minimum wage. Honestly there were many days when I was lucky if I came home with $2.00 in tips. Customers were not encouraged to tip more than the loose change in their pockets.

I support raising the tipped minimum because it is not possible in most areas to live any kind of comfortable life only on tips. You have to debase yourself and beg approval and acceptance of people who may or may not find you personally appealing enough to tip you for waiting on their every whim.

Living off tips is demoralizing.