I live in a college town, so many of my issues are related to that, too, tho the fact my first wait job here paid $2.01, and that was 29 years ago! now, I’m thrilled to be back in the serving business (credit my boss, who would hire an overweight 50 year old, in a town full of sorority girls) but the wage is only $2.13. I have mad skillz, and am nicer than I’ve ever been…but the truth of it is: people tip for pretty,sexy and flirty, not skilled. people withhold tips on sundays, because they tithed at church that day. people won’t tip right if they don’t like the food-tho I’ve never worked anywhere where the server also cooked. and the fabulous new ios system we use-that makes my job so much easier-ensures there’s no fudging on your claim of tips. I thought that was the whole point of working for tips-it’s cash, so you don’t have to pay taxes on it! as it is, I’m making about $5 an hour, and paying my taxes on that. (I am not anti-tax, but come on! mitt romney doesn’t pay the same taxes I do!) the craziest thing that’s ever happened when I was living off tips? I worked 4 jobs-one day off in 2 months-and the best part of it was the “found” policy at the night club, where I closed my 3 job friday and saturday nights:anything on the floor when the lights came up at 2 a.m. was mine! {I was also tipped drugs and shots at this job. how pathetic, that that is an improvement on other wait jobs!} why do I support raising the tipped minimum wage? because waiting tables is HARD WORK! if you can’t afford to pay enough employees to run your business, maybe you should change your business plan. and diners-think for one minute about the job people are doing to serve you. could you do it? I know it’s a team effort, but I worked one place that pooled tips…and I begged to be in the kitchen! all being equal, I think service is the hardest part. especially when customers decide how they’ll pay you by what they think of your looks.