The craziest thing that’s ever happened to me during my time living with tips – since 2011 I’ve been working for a fast food restaurant in San Diego Cal. I get payed $8.00 minimum wage. We are NOT allowed to accept tips 🙁 I’m not allowed to work more hours other than part time, and only work from 3-4 days a week. If the day is slow, I will receive a NO SHOW phone call (don’t come in to work), or if I do show up to work… I could only work 3-4 hours. #2) I will support any thing that will benefit me and My Family of 5. I too like one of the women in the video, have to go on my day off to make a long line out of three long long lines, just to feed and make it thru the month out of food bank foods. If the food bank day lands on same day I work, I have to miss work in order to stand in those long lines of food.

*Jane is not her real name