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Living Off Tips is unfair and morally wrong to the worker. When I was 18 I got my first job as a carhop. Wage 1.00 a day and 3 free cokes! The 1.00 was to enable me to buy a sandwich! My refrigerator at home had a loaf of bread and a jar of cheese whiz. I then got work at a Royal Castle for 75 cents an hour and was Shift leader and I thought i had arrived!. By that time I was married and had I not, I certainly could not have supported myself! When I became singe I got a factory job, but I really hated leaving food service because I loved the work and the people. Later as a single Mom I went through BVR and got my college education, thanks to grants and BVR. I got a degree. DID NOT DO THIS ON MY OWN. I am eternally grateful to my fellow American taxpayers for that chance. This year I retired form a wonderful job teaching developmentally disabled adults for 30 years. I am in full support of raising minimum wage and requiring all employers to pay ALL workers that amount. I am VERY wearing of people commenting snidely “How much skill does it take to flip a burger? If they want more money go get training and get a better job..” First of all it DOEs take skill to be a tipped worker! A good waitress/waiter has some of the most amazing people reading skills in the world and these skills proved extremely useful in my teaching job in being able to read non verbal communication. Secondly I was one of the lucky ones. I passed the IQ tests required at the time to get the assistance I got. I knew others who were not so fortunate, and nowadays it is becoming even harder for people to get education assistance. My final firm belief is that all people are of equal value. Their time and labor is of equal value, and NO worker should be working full time and not be able to live with life’s basic necessities and some pleasures besides. To have someone work for tips is really worse than slavery because ant least slaves were fed and housed!! I was moved to tears when Michelle Obama said (not exact word, but close) “Those of us who have made it through that door do not wish to slam it shut on those who come behind us.” I have felt this way for thirty some years.