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I think the craziest thing that happens is that parents don’t teach their kids to tip. Not every kid is like me. My mom has worked in food service since before I was born (20+ years). One of the first lessons in life I ever had was to tip my server and to tip them well. Mediocre service gets 20% out of me and if the service was above and beyond I pay more. I have high schoolers come in from time to time and either leave me the leftover change from paying their bill or not tip at all. They don’t realize that the $1.75 left over from a party of five teenagers isn’t going to pay for my newborn’s clothes or for my own food. It’s not just adults we rely on but in mere children! I support raising the wage because a server can work their little butt off, but if the kitchen messes up we are blamed. We can be ran to death by guests and we get $2 for the trouble. We slave, plaster smiles on our faces, try to remember everything you need, put in your complicated orders that total up to $50, and we barely get 20%. It needs to be done. No one should have to work this hard and have nothing to show for it. Living off tips is a struggle.