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I can’t even recall the times I have had to pay for a ticket because the people walked out without paying. If I am serving food, how could I possibly watch the door as well, most especially during peak Summer seasons? I do wholeheartedly support this cause because a server is working for an employer just like any other job. The tips we make should not allow an employer to pay us less than the average worker. The last serving job I had we were also required to spend many hours before and after work prepping for the next shift and off the floor. Cutting lemons, lettuce, tomatoes and onions and making tartars and red sauces, all this for 2.13 hourly which should be performed at a regular hourly rate. Then to top it off, we had to tip out the bartender, three bussers and the hostess, most days averaging a good $50.00 or more taken off the hard earned tips we made. Thank you for posting your website. Maybe with enough signatures this will change. Restaurant owners take advantage of their servers, and all to make that almighty dollar that they become prosperous off the little man’s ( woman’s) back.