The craziest thing that has happened so far would have to be two things that happened within the same week. I was a newer server and still learning the ropes when I was given a table of 5. This table had the mom, dad, and three kids all under 5. (Did I mention we give kids crayons and stickers in our kids packs?) I take the table’s order, get them drinks, special order all their food. So far so good, until the dad asks me for frisco sauce. Now we’re hitting rush, I absentmindedly forgot about the small thing of sauce he asked for, though everything else was correct ( I had also informed them I was still new ). I thought they were happy, he had only asked me once. When they left I wished them a great night and went to bus their table only to discover a note saying “FRISCO SAUCE —->” the arrow pointed to my tip… my tip of $0.42. They stayed for nearly two hours and this was their thank you. My other time was dealing with a large table of 7, all teenagers, I served them and had them having a great time. When they left, my tip was a Mcdonald’s coupon. Not only that but the coupon was only to be used in a town nearly 50 miles away and was one of those “buy one __ get a drink free”. Another great moment.