1) I waited tables from age 16-23 (I’m currently 33). One if the last jobs I had was in NYC where I believe the minimum wage was $2.13. My checks would usually be about $50-60/ week…before taxes. We were taxed on 15% of our sales, assuming that everyone tipped 15% ( usually not the case) and also taking into account the fact we also had to tip out bartenders, bussers, etc. So when all was said and done, we were probably taking home 10% in tips, but paying taxes on 15%. So our “checks” would usually be just a few dollars a week. So we were literally living off tips…which isn’t possible. I accumulated almost 10k in credit card debt while living in NYC (the debt was a collection of utility bills and grocery shopping. My rent was not extravagant either, in case you were wondering – only about $800/ month. Yes, support raising the minimum for tipped workers. Living off tips is unrealistic and I’d like to see the restaurant execs try it.