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I was put on full time staff and had to work a double shift (11am-9pm) by myself within a week and a half of getting the job (I had 5 days of training). During the hour of free time I had I needed to clean the restrooms, take out the trash, sweep the restaurant, fold kids menus, eat, do all of the dishes from the buffet that morning, and do my daily side-work (which that day was wiping down all of the glass doors and windows inside and out. At the end of my shift before I was allowed to go home I had to clean out both buffets, vacuum the restaurant, clean the pop machines, finish dishes, fold silverware, restock the wait area, and sweep the cigarette butts up from the storefront. I did all of this by myself and after my shift ended I left with $24 in tips, that put gas in my car and left me a few dollars for bread and bologna so I could eat supper. I lived like that for 3 months before I had to return to my college classes which I have a hard time paying for due to the work schedules not being flexible and my inability to work as much due to that. I’m now terrified for my soon to be son/daughter’s life because I want to be able to afford food and diapers and clothing for them. I want them to have all of the necessities so they are healthy even if that means I have to starve, which I will if the tipped minimum wage here in Iowa isn’t raised.