Living off tips is unpredictable. I briefly worked as a server when I was in college, in Washington DC. I remember one night in particular – a group of teens came into the sports bar and tried to order beer. When I wouldn’t let them, they got rowdy and disrespectful. When their bill came, they demanded it be split eight ways. Because I was new, I didn’t know to deny this request. While I tried to juggle eight different bills, I lost track of who had and hadn’t paid. Recognizing this, they convinced me that some of them had paid who in fact hand’t – bottom line being that they not only didn’t tip, they UNDERPAID me. Another table that night didn’t tip at all because they were upset at having to wait for service – they weren’t even in my section, but I ended up serving them for an hour for $2.13 because ANOTHER server was having a mental breakdown and I had to cover. I ended up making very little money that night. I was just a college student making extra pocket money to help cover expenses while I worked at an unpaid internship in DC. I can’t imagine actually relying on tips to pay my bills; it was so unpredictable that I would have gone crazy.