Tuesday, January 7th, 2014
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Proposed Florida Bill Eliminates Tip Credit & Raises Minimum Wage to $10.10 for all Workers

1st of Many Bills From Across US to Ensure No Worker Paid Less Than Minimum Wage

Tallahassee, FL — Tomorrow, Florida State Senator Dwight Bullard will introduce a bill to eliminate the tipped credit and require all workers to be paid a minimum of $10.10 an hour. Currently, Florida’s minimum wage for tipped workers is just $4.91. At this wage, tipped workers (mostly restaurant workers) do not receive stable pay from their employer, and instead are living off tips. Nationally, servers use food stamps at double the rate of the rest of the US workforce and are three-times as likely to live in poverty.

What: Press Conference

  • Senator Dwight Bullard
  • Representative Cynthia Stafford
  • Jean Souffrant, Restaurant Opportunities Center of Miami

When: Wednesday, January 8th, 12:45pm – 1:00pm
Where: Florida Capitol Building, Senate chambers (4th Floor)

Sen. Bullard’s bill is accompanied by Rep. Stafford’s HB385, and is poised to be the first of many to come
from around the country ensuring no worker receive less than the minimum wage.

The largest full-service restaurant in the world, Darden Restaurants Inc. (owner of Red Lobster, Olive
Garden, among other brands) is headquartered in Orlando, Florida. Darden was recently instrumental in
backing an anti-paid sick day bill, FL HB655, and has been heavily involved in blocking wage increases and
paid sick legislation across the US.


Co-founded by labor rights leader Saru Jayaraman (“The Woman Who’s Changing the Definition of Foodie” – In
These Times), ROC United has grown to over 10,000 members across 26 cities in the US, winning 13 worker-led
campaigns, totaling $7 million in stolen tips and wages.