Living off tips is like gambling with your bills. Will you make enough to cover electricity this week? better hope no other expenses pop up. Both my boyfriend and I work at the same restaurant. We live together and split the bills. We also have two cars to fix, pet cats and I need to go to the doctor. Since the Christmas season ended he’s been making barely 45 dollars each night, although he works at least 6 hours. He gets 0 dollars as a paycheck and owes the government for the other taxes his “paycheck” can’t cover. A few weeks ago we were off for two days but what little money we made had to be used to pay rent. We had 6 dollars for food both nights. I once had a customer tell me to give away all my other tables because they “owned me” and wanted my undivided attention. Because I couldn’t do that they didn’t tip me at all and sat for three hours, running me to death. My boyfriend once said “every shift is a gamble”. And it’s true. Some nights you’ll get lucky and make over 100 dollars. But most night you’re lucky to make 30-45. Employees deserve some sense of security in the money they’ll be making, not “cross my fingers and pray I make enough for rent and food this time