Amanda Lot

I had a table of 16 people who ran me to death asking for drink refills more this more that. Then sat taking up my whole section for over two hours! They talked while I ran other servers food to their tables and made no money because I don’t get paid enough hourly and couldn’t be sat again because my tables were all taken. After they left I gathered all the check books to find that I made a total of $12 on the whole table. One of the guests at the table was cruel enough to no only stiff me but write the words “Or Nah” on the tip line as if leaving me no tip wasn’t enough. On top of that, the restaurants I work at require me to tip out 1% of my sales to our bussers and bartenders and that tables bill was about $220 meaning I had to tip out my bussers and bartenders more money for that table than I actually made off them. In the end I ran myself taking care of them, got left an awful note and had to pay out of pocket for them to eat there because they didn’t even leave me enough for tip out. Living off tips is so unfair.