This is an untold story. A story that one in 12 Americans live every single day. I grew up in the restaurant industry. My great grandfather immigrated from Italy and opened a diner and a catering business in Franklin, MA and he always made sure his employees were well fed and could afford to live once they left to go home for work for the day. There’s nothing worse then working a full time job serving people food and going hungry yourself. Growing up in the industry it made sense for me to take restaurant jobs serving and tending bar while searching for my career. I found passion in fighting for the injustices that so many people face. As a server I as paid under $3 an hour and often received checks that were not only $0, but that were in the negative where I owed my employer money. It’s not right. Servers and those who work behind the bar should be paid a living wage. We should be able to afford to put a roof over our heads, feed ourselves and our families and live our lives without fear of going hungry. Living off tips is not easy. This is a story that needed to be told.