I made $4 off an $88 check recently despite my impeccable service, the tolls are crippling business and restaurants not doing gratuity thanks to that new law results in a noticeable paycut, some nights I walk out of work after busting my butt for 7-9 hours straight no break, not even a smoke break, empty stomach (we can’t munch on shift), no sitting whatsoever, completely empty handed, it’s completely demoralizing especially after a day where the kitchen is backed up and there are complaints and you can see the disdain painted on the faces on your customers for something that is not under your control or they are that impossible to please customer that leans toward ignorance generally and you just know that they aren’t going to tip you very well. I can’t even begin to afford my bills since I only make enough for gas, food here and there and to keep my phone going. While I’m in school trying to make something of myself, the only jobs that will really hire people my age and lacking experience are retail, call centers, and restaurants and believe me I’m trying to find another job but in the mean time, living off tips is barely even surviving.