Consider this: I earn $5.83 an hour before tips. This wage is taxable, so I don’t see much of this at the end of a pay period. But at $5.83, whether we have a busy or slow shift, that won’t even get me a trip to and from downtown. That barely covers a standard drink at Starbucks. And is a Starbucks drink really worth an hour’s work? Should I have to work two hours to afford a bus ride to and from downtown? As for tips, that is cash I can have immediately when I leave my job. But being a student, even this money is not a luxury. I am extremely fortunate to have this job while I live at home, attending school and working another job. But do we want our students working two jobs and living at home to pay off their impending student loans? Living Off Tips is NOT living. Especially when the public is not informed or educated about why servers are tipped rather than given a higher hourly wage.