I want everyone to know the horrific part of being a server. I have been in the industry for about 10 years. At my first serving job I was sexually harassed, discriminated against and retaliated against for my opposition to the illegal conduct. Moreover I was humiliated for three years to the point I could not take it no more and left the job. The money was great but the harassment ate at my soul. The harassment had such an effect the I needed professional medical treatment to get through and somewhat regain my sense of self worth. It is sad… When I look back I still cant fathom it. The impact it had and still has on my life is tremendous. Finally, I found a new serving job and low & behold the bullshit occurs in a different form. This place is riddled with harassment although not as severe as the last. This place though makes us bus our tables and tip out people who dont do anything. It is ridiculous. The legislative branch of our government really needs to crack down on these restaurant establishments. The industry needs to stop pushing to the point of committing wrongdoing and often times going far beyond. I have come to the conclusion that living off tips is no living at all.