On Tuesday, October 7th, Restaurant Opportunities Center (ROC) United and Forward Together will release a new report entitled The Glass Floor: Sexual Harassment in the Restaurant Industry, which addresses the pervasiveness of sexual harassment in the restaurant industry.

WHAT: Press call for report release, The Glass Floor: Sexual Harassment in the Restaurant Industry

WHEN: 12pm EST/9am PST on Tuesday, October 7th, 2014

WHERE: Register here: http://myaccount.maestroconference.com/conference/register/OK484B6BWD3BRVL


Saru Jayaraman – Co-director and co-founder of ROC United, director of UC Berkeley Food and Labor Research Center, and author of Behind The Kitchen Door

Eve Ensler – Renowned feminist, activist, playwright, founder of One Billion Rising and V-Day

Terry O’Neill – President of National Organization for Women, civil rights attorney and professor

Eveline Shen – Executive Director of Forward Together

Teo Reyes – National Research Director at ROC United

*The report will be available on the morning of October 7 at https://rocunited.org/research-resources/

The Glass Floor report examines the commonality of multiple explicit behaviors that restaurant workers have been exposed to from restaurant owners, managers, and supervisors (management), from co-workers, and from customers, measured through nearly 700 surveys of people who are currently or recently worked in a restaurant, along with focus groups conducted in Houston, New York, New Orleans, and Washington, DC. Data were also compiled and analyzed from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Current Population Survey, and the American Community Survey to gain a broad understanding of the conditions impacting sexual harassment in the restaurant industry.

The research was conducted with Forward Together and the report produced in cooperation with One Billion Rising, Equal Rights Advocates, National Organization for Women, Family Values @ Work, Hollaback!, Momsrising, National Women’s Law Center, and Wider Opportunities for Women.