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Living off tips is being Everybody’s scapegoat.

I feel some jobs can be that way, but food service is the worst for that reason. Say, a couple comes in, they are mad at each other, more than likely they will be mad at you too for no reason. Little tip. Say your burger comes out to raw, even if i put it in right, Little or no tip. Say, the food takes too long, no tip for me. Say, someone walks out on a 25$ check and i only made 45$ that day, after tip out i will leave with 5$. We have to pay for that!! Oh, wait? you cant use two coupons at one table? no tip for me. Out of crayons? Dont have togo cups? NO TIP.

People will use every excuse in the book to not have to tip. The majority of the time, that is never made up on our checks. We are also not offered health insurance. So when we are sick its hard for us to go and spend 3 days work of work to get a doctors note not to get fired. Servers are a dime a dozen and nobody cares if we get fired or not.