75 1FW POLLA new survey of hundreds of likely voters in New York found that a whopping 75% of respondents — across partisan groups — support eliminating the tipped minimum wage and requiring all employers to directly pay their employees at least one, fair minimum wage.

This is a big deal. If New York takes action to eliminate the tipped minimum wage, more states will surely follow suit.

Tipped workers were unfairly excluded from New York’s latest minimum wage increase. For the past several weeks, members of New York’s Wage Board have held public hearings about the tipped minimum wage and are expected to release a decision in the coming days. Restaurant workers, and leading members from ROC-NY, have consistently spoken up about why it’s time New York to become a One Fair Wage state.

“Living off tips means my pay changes from day-to-day, but bills, rent, and the costs of food are constant. Five dollars an hour and living off tips is not enough for me to support my kids. I support getting rid of the $5 subminimum wage because it would mean I could depend on a more stable paycheck. I think if any member of the wage board had to live off tips for even a week, they’d see how badly we need to get rid of the subminimum wage.”

–Autumn A., current restaurant worker and member of ROC-NY

This survey demonstrates that voters are listening to ROC and agree that it’s time to do away with the unfair two-tiered wage system that prevents a mostly female workforce from getting a fair paycheck and being able to support their families!

The survey was conducted by Lake Research Partners. ROC United’s press release on the survey’s findings is available here.