1fw Ashley Protest

Today our member and current tipped worker, Ondre Anderson, stood next to Governor Cuomo as he announced a raise for New York’s 400,000 tipped workers. By December 31, 2015, the tipped minimum wage will be $7.50 in New York State — the 9th highest state tipped minimum wage in the country!



It took more than 2,000 emails you sent directly to the New York Department of Labor, months of One Fair Wage rallies, events, and public testimonies, and our collective voice calling on New York State to raise the lower, tipped minimum wage to match the regular minimum wage to reach today’s victory — a major step forward in the fight for wage equality and fair wages for restaurant workers!

1fw ashley protest

The vast majority of tipped restaurant workers are women, and as a result of living off tips, they endure sexual harassment at a vastly higher rate than workers of any other industry. Better wages in the restaurant industry is not only a matter of fairness, it’s also crucial to valuing women’s labor and achieving wage equality.

That’s why although today’s announcement is a significant step in the right direction, ROC will continue to fight to end the unfair two-tiered wage system and win One Fair Wage.