Olive Garden parent co. Darden Restaurants Inc. is the largest full-service restaurant corporation in the world. It is the largest employer of tipped workers. Sherri supports the Dignity At Darden campaign to bring fair wages to the full-service restaurant giant.

Sherri Lee, a tipped server demanding One Fair Wage at the Fight For 15 rally in Philadelphia, speaking in behalf of ROC Philly

Posted by Samuel Jones on Wednesday, April 15, 2015

In Philly, the lower tipped minimum wage is $2.83 an hour. The federal tipped minimum wage has been frozen at $2.13 an hour since 1991 and is lower than the regular minimum wage in 43 states. As a result of living off tips, servers — whom are mostly women — use food stamps at double the rate of the general workforce and are three-times as likely to live in poverty.

A new report out this week shows that taxpayers spend $9.4 billion every year subsidizing the full-service restaurant industry’s low wages.

ROC United is spearheading ‘One Fair Wage,’ a multi-state and national campaign to raise the lower, tipped minimum wage to 100% of the regular minimum wage, effectively eliminating the two-tiered wage system.