Sanct Restaurant

It takes courage to stand up in the face of xenophobia and bigotry. Sanctuary Restaurants and other establishments have risked alienating clientele and even violent retaliation to support such efforts. ROC United and the Sanctuary Restaurants Movement have partnered with Spendrise to reward them for their commitment and solidarity.

Spendrise will utilize its digital platform to sell gift cards or pledges for restaurants that have repudiated hate at their establishments. The aim of our partnership with Spendrise is to encourage consumers to patronize restaurants that have taken a stand.


Beyond our very own Sanctuary Restaurants, beneficiaries of the gift cards or pledges are restaurants who participated in #DayWithoutImmigrants, #ADayWithoutaWoman, and the upcoming May 1 Day of Action. Saru Jayaraman explains, “As consumers who support livable wages and better work conditions for restaurant workers, we are proud to support restaurants with strong ethical standards via the Spendrise platform.”

ROC United believes strongly in the High Road to Profitability. We applaud establishments committed to fair wages and workplace conditions for its employees. It is critical that we spend our hard-earned dollars at restaurants that share our values—namely, a restaurant industry and nation where we all have a seat at the table. Support restaurants who support your values today.