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The COLORS Hospitality Opportunities for Workers (CHOW) Institute is among ROC’s most rewarding programs. CHOW provides in-depth and advanced professional training in both front- and back-of-the-house restaurant skills at no cost to either employers or employees.

CHOW participants enjoy a multi-tiered curriculum designed to prepare them for living-wage jobs as fine dining wait staff, bartenders, and in managerial roles. The results have been stunning. ROC trains over 1,000 employees nationwide each year, with a living wage job placement rate of 60-75%, depending on the location.

The restaurant industry needs CHOW. Our industry is facing a serious labor shortage. Programs like CHOW fill this labor gap while ensuring the majority of those job opportunities offer fair wages and workplace practices for all.

CHOW has changed the lives of thousands of restaurant workers across the country. However, ROC needs your support for it to continue to thrive. Click here to donate $20, or whatever you can give, to ROC United today. 


CHOW course descriptions

The Art of Service (FOH 101)

The course offers an introduction to the restaurant industry, and principles of hospitality. Students cover points of service, taking reservations, different categories of restaurants, grooming standards, restaurant terminology, greeting the table, menu presentation and taking orders. They also learn full meal service, including coffee, tea, beer, wine and spirits.  

Note:  FOH students will also take food protection course, and receive training on soft skills, financial literacy and workers’ rights.

Culinary Arts (BOH 101)

This course covers rules of the Kitchen, Introduction to kitchen stations, roles and responsibilities in the kitchen, vegetable prep and knife skills, storage and food rotation. Students learn basic recipes for preparation of sauces, vinaigrettes, french fries, salads, egg dishes, poultry, fish, and shellfish.

Note:  BOH students will also take food protection course, and receive training on soft skills, financial literacy and workers’ rights.

Food Protection

A 15-hour course on food handling safety taught by the NYC Department of Health.  Instruction culminates in the Food Handler Safety examination, and the NYC Food Handler’s license upon passing.

Advanced Wine Training

A 15-hour intensive course covering physiology of taste, wine composition and chemistry, viticulture and enology, (including different regions, styles and varietals). Wine etiquette and service, food & wine pairing, responsible beverage alcohol service, and up-selling strategies will also be reviewed.

Art of Bartending

A 20-hour course covering  barback basics, preparation of classic and contemporary cocktails, origins of vodka, gin, whiskey, tequila, rum and brandy, craft beer knowledge, and the art of bartending hospitality.