#BeatTheHeat in the back of the house — it’s time to act now!

Who We Are

Restaurant Opportunities Center United is all about connecting people in the restaurant industry who have an active interest in making it work for everyone. They are a non-profit organization fighting to improve wages and working conditions for the Nation’s restaurant force. 

The Asheville hub was founded out of the immense need for resources for our restaurant workers due to the COVID-19 crisis. We aim to unite every worker, Front and Back of house, manager and owners, under the same banner of taking our city back and making it work for us. It is time to make a change, will you join us?

Demand A Better, Safer Workplace!

You and your coworkers have the power to make changes for the better! Do you need help writing a demand letter or want to know more about what a demand letter is?

National Storytelling Council

If you have a passion for helping restaurant workers share their stories, ROC United is launching its first-ever National Storytelling Council!

Mutual Aid & Resources for Restaurant Workers

Are you a restaurant worker in need of resources?  Take a look at this list created specifically for restaurant workers and workers in the service sector of active mutual aid groups and funds.