Mise en Place for the Winter

Food & beverage workers deserve to be healthy and safe this winter season. To ensure that the well-being of employees is of utmost importance, employers should have a plan in place ready for the upcoming cold, flu, and COVID season.

ROC Asheville is here to assist employee in drafting their own plan in place for the season by using our own “mise en place” method to come up with a policy!

What is "mise en place for the winter"?

We at ROC Asheville believe that it is important now more than ever for restaurants, bars, and cafes to have a plan in place for all workers when it comes to looking our for their health and safety during this up coming winter season. As we all know, the winter months are when everyone is not only most susceptible to getting the cold, flu, and now COVID, but it is also when sickness can spread the most.

What do we mean by having a plan in place? We mean that employers have effectively communicated with their staff what the protocols are for when an employee is sick and what they should do, when an employee has tested positive for COVID and what the business plans to do, and what measures are being taken to prevent the spread of illness.


Plan in place ingredients :


Employees are allowed up to 3 PAID sick days per year. After an employee uses their allotted paid sick days, the employee may still request to use an unpaid sick day.


If an employee is feeling unwell, they must call in at least 2 hours (or in a timely manner) before a shift to notify management. Although a good faith effort is appreciated, employees will not be required to find a replacement for their shift.


All staff are cross-trained in order to prepare for the unforeseen circumstances in which an employee is unable to work their shift due to illness.


If an employee is experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, they must get tested. The company will cover the cost to get tested if any employee is not able to access any free COVID-19 testing options.


Employees' shifts will be scheduled in a manner so that the same groups of employees to work together to better contain any spread of illness and better contract tracing in the event of illness.


Management will provide resources in which employees can be examined by a physician, at minimal or no cost. These resources will be posted in a visible, accessible location at the restaurant, as well as upon request.

Is your workplace missing a plan in place for the winter?

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