Our goal is to continue our COVID-19 relief efforts and provide direct cash assistance to restaurant workers that we serve across the country.


Launched in March, in the wake of the sudden closure of bars and restaurants to stop the spread of the coronavirus, the Pandemic Response Fund has raised over $1 million.

The Fund has served as a lifeline to more than 5,000 restaurant workers and their families affected by the pandemic.

To date, we have provided emergency cash assistance that helps these workers purchase their groceries, fill their prescriptions, pay their bills and meet their other essential needs.


The COVID-19 crisis is far from over. Thousands of restaurant workers are still facing an uncertain future.

We aim to assist all of the 10,000 restaurant workers—and counting—who applied for cash assistance.

ROC United and the workers will very much appreciate your donation.


“The cash assistance from ROC United’s Relief Fund allowed me to pay my phone bill last month. That was my only way to apply for unemployment. As a restaurant worker, I struggle to make ends meet and have no sick leave benefits. Soon after the crisis began, I quickly went through my savings. This assistance has really made a difference for me.” - Jazz Salm, a restaurant worker from Broward County, Florida.

Jazz Salm, a restaurant worker from Broward County, Florida.

"The cash assistance from ROC United's Relief Fund helped me pay important bills when COVID-19 struck. Their emergency support was critical in a time of job uncertainty and insecurity. I truly appreciate this organization and the help they provided to me and many others.”

Jory Courtney, a restaurant worker from Philadelphia.


Learn more about ROC United's specific activities in response to the coronavirus pandemic and its direct impact on restaurant workers.

National, state, and local relief resources for restaurant workers affected by COVID-19.

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