On May 18, 2021, I posted a video sharing my concerns over Chili’s working conditions. That video led to hundreds of stories from Chili’s employees sharing their personal stories about how bad it is/was to work there. Stories about bullying, harassment, and exploitation came flooding into my comments & inboxes. I originally shared my concerns for two important reasons: 

1) Sexual harassment. So many people came forward and reported cases of harassment to the HR department at Brinker International and it fell on deaf ears. So many employees got fired or had to quit because of corporate doing nothing about these allegations. 

2) Exploitation. Not only are the employees overworked and underpaid, Chili’s thought it would be a great idea to drop cooks wages in CA from $20 to minimum wage and have the servers tip them out. On top of that, they’ve added 2 “virtual kitchens’ ‘ where the cooks, servers and to-go staff have to do 2-3 times more work for no extra pay. Staff have also been told to come into work sick while having stomach bugs, viruses, common cold, the flu, and even when experiencing Covid symptoms.

It is time we come together and stand up for ourselves. They thought they could ignore us, abuse us and exploit us, but they are wrong. Together we are stronger than them. They can take everything from us, but the one thing they can’t take is our voice! THIS is our time to stand up and say WE DESERVE MORE!!! 

If you feel you have been personally victimized, ignored, exploited, harassed and/or abused by Chili’s or Brinker International please share your story and let them know that they will no longer get away with brushing everything under the rug. The public deserves to know the truth about how badly they treat their employees. They need to be held accountable for their actions – Alexandra Torres


All info received will be kept confidential.

The Expose The Pepper campaign is a project of Alexandra Torres, restaurant worker & TikTok influencer, and the Restaurant Opportunities Centers United – the nation’s largest restaurant worker rights’ group. To learn more about our work & victories, go to rocunited.org or follow us on the social media pages below.

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