Today, the staff of ROC United mourns the loss of one of our most endearing sisters, Evelyn Dianne Bradley, who was an inspiration in our fight for social and racial justice in Michigan and across the country.

Known as “Miss Dianne” for many of us, she served wholeheartedly for nearly four years as a Finance and HR Associate at ROC Michigan. She was a loving mother to her four children, nine grandchildren, and two caring cats Mila and Bink. Miss Dianne was kind, honest and compassionate. She was calm and soft-spoken, but she understood the world that is not color blind, nor equal and just, so when she spoke she held a strong presence that people listened to her. A devout Catholic who had a very sparkling personality and often self-described as being “happy,” Miss Dianne believed that we can dream and work together for a better community.

Miss Dianne was a pioneering female pilot. She was raised on the Eastside of Detroit and graduated from Cass Technical High School and Lewis College of Business, where she majored in Computer Science and Finance. She was a lifetime member of the Tuskegee Airmen-Detroit Chapter and Gamma Phi Delta Sorority. Dianne was also very instrumental in helping to garner the dollars sufficient to establish the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History in Detroit.

To her, life was about serving others. She touched our hearts, our lives, and all of those restaurant workers who had an opportunity to interact with her.

Dianne was not only my team member but also my friend and confidante. Her calming presence and kind words lifted me when I needed encouragement. Dianne was one of the most observant and thoughtful persons that I have ever known. She knew how to make everyone feel welcomed and appreciated and always wanted to keep working on a task until it was successfully completed. Words cannot adequately express the loss that I feel.. I met Dianne when I joined the ROC-MI Team in 2013 but it feels like I knew her for a lifetime. Dianne was a great woman of faith and I am so grateful that our paths crossed and t I know that it is well with Dianne’s soul. Rest well My Sister!


Dianne or as I refer to her as Ms. Dianne, was a joy to work with and a great friend to have. She was supportive and giving to everyone she met. Dianne was dedicated to the work she did at ROC-MI.

As a co-worker, Dianne was an outstanding team member who would be there to support in any way she could. Dianne loved a good laugh, and she would share jokes or funny stories that happened to her since the last time we spoke. Many of her stories were about the Misadventures of Mila and Bink, her cats, who she loved very much. Dianne was the first woman to earn a pilot license at the City Airport Flight School. Dianne was a lifetime member of both the Tuskegee Airmen and Gamma Phi Theta.

Dianne’s genuinely kind heart and loving spirit will be missed by all who knew her.

Allen D. Lee, Sr.
ROC Michigan

Dianne was an institution at ROC Michigan. She had a quick laugh and a flare for fashion. She loved Alicia very much and it was obvious they had a special friendship.

I know ROC was like a family to Dianne and her absence will be deeply felt. Rest In Peace.


Miss Dianne was absolutely no stranger to the ROC Michigan and COLORS team as she worked upstairs from ROC-Michigan’s offices, carrying out the role of Director of Operations for the Arts League of Michigan for many years. She was a constant patron of COLORS and supported our work by often serving as a volunteer tour guide for our historic building or asking if we needed support during Colors Special Events. And she was always willing to roll up her sleeves and assist anyone as needed.

President and CEO

There are no words to describe the loss of a woman, a mother, a grandmother, a friend and a coworker who was life and soul. There is nothing to compensate for the loss of her powerful presence, the breadth of her experiences and accomplishments, and her adoration for dignity, respect and freedom.

As a mark of respect for our beloved Miss Dianne, ROC United offers a moment of silence to honor her. We will deeply miss her every single day. May God bless her memory until we all meet her again.


“The ones we love never go away. They walk beside us even on this day.”

In the wake of Dianne's passing, we are currently accepting donations to support her family during this difficult time.