Today, Dr. Sekou Siby, president and CEO of ROC ACTION, issued the following statement on the acts of domestic terrorism at the U.S. Capitol:

January 7, 2021

Our hearts sank as we witnessed the mayhem and violence that unfolded at the United States Capitol yesterday. It was nothing short of a violent assault on our democracy and nation. It was an act of domestic terrorism incited by President Donald Trump, in person, and on social media, and carried out by his extremist supporters.

We unequivocally condemn these atrocious actions to delegitimize our system of government and disrupt the core of our great republic. The consequences of sedition are too dangerous to ignore. We ask our leaders to hold themselves and others accountable for preserving, protecting and defending our country and the sanctity of human lives.

We should not forget this day. It is disgraceful and embarrassing that it happened on American soil. Children worldwide witnessed how poorly some adults act when they don’t get what they want. We are better than this—and so we urge everyone to take responsibility for restoring peace and stability. There’s so much work to do, but there is no doubting this country’s resilience and capacity for change.

Here at ROC Action, we reached out to our members, constituents and partners in the states, encouraging them to vote and participate in our democratic process. We regard this as an extraordinary achievement in restoring our democracy, and we are incredibly proud of our part. With a newly elected Congress, it will be much easier for President-elect Joe Biden, Vice-President-elect Kamala D. Harris and the new cabinet members to work on the issues that matter to restaurant workers.

These domestic terrorist acts will not silence us. We cannot wake up each morning to a divided nation. We need to bridge the gap—and that starts with each of us.