The future of our democracy is in your hands: Early voting in GA starts today

Today Georgia starts with early voting for its two U.S. Senate runoff elections. We can’t overstate enough the importance of the January 5th elections. They will not only determine control of the U.S Senate―but they will also have a tremendous impact on how we can build power and create the change that working people like us want to see in our democracy and values as a nation.

Everything here is at stake, and it is up to us to show our strength and make a difference. Together, our voting engagement in Georgia is critical to ensure our voices are heard and that we elect Democratic Senators who put the needs and priorities of our families, our brothers and sisters in the restaurant industry first. 

The unprecedented pandemic has left millions of restaurant workers―the majority of whom are Black and brown―unemployed and pushed their families deeper into poverty. Those who are fortunate enough to find jobs amid the volatility of the restaurant industry still lack fundamental job protections, such as paid leave, hazard pay, and even basic health training and personal protective equipment to keep them safe and healthy.

Whether by mail using an absentee ballot or in-person, the message is clear: If we vote, we can win these runoff elections in Georgia―just like we did in the historic 2020 presidential election.

Sign your name here and join us to make sure more women, immigrant voters, and underrepresented Georgians cast their ballots in these critical Senate runoff elections on January 5th. It is time for new leadership that will chart a better course for our country!