This May Day, Restaurant Workers Say ‘Yes’ to the Restaurant Workers Bill of Rights

Happy May Day!

To our brothers and sisters in the restaurant industry—who have risked their own lives, fed us, served us, and delivered our food—thank you for your commitment and hard work. Thank you for your contributions and service to our country.

This May Day, on behalf of everyone at ROC United, join Elizabeth, Lilian, Paige, Zulma, Devon and Giovanni in honoring their fellow hardworking and courageous restaurant workers who refuse to be silent. They all deserve thriving wages, a time to heal and rest, a safe and dignified work environment, universal healthcare, and participation in governance.

Feel free to post their message on social media, send the word out in any way you can, and support them in their fight for labor standards and safer workplaces as we plan to introduce the Restaurant Workers Bill of Rights—a comprehensive policy framework that we will champion at local, state, and national level. The Bill will systematically address challenges, injustices, and discrimination that restaurant workers, especially BIPOC and women, face every day.

Our communities are built on the contribution of restaurant workers—and all of them deserve equal respect from us.

In solidarity,

ROC United